Marathon for Tehiyah

Adam Mizock
Berkeley, CA

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About my Fundraiser
On Sunday, December 5, I completed the California International Marathon in 4 hours and 1 minute! Together, we have raised more than $20,000 for Tehiyah Day School! The funds will go directly to the school, helping to maintain programs and funding tuition assistance for those who need it. 

Your support definitely helped go the distance (particularly through mile 19!) and across the finish line. Although the rain poured before & after the race, it fortuitously took a break during the race. The temperature was cool but not cold. I started the run very strong, logging my fastest ever 6 mile and 12 mile times. Unfortunately I was overeager, probably carried away by the throngs of runners and spectators lining the streets, and I ended up running a slower pace in the second half.  When I reached the periphery of downtown Sacramento I found a small reserve of energy and upped the pace a bit. More importantly, I had a huge smile on my face for the last 1/2 mile.  
Your generosity has made the journey from training to finish a fun ride. 

Although the fundraising has exceeded my expectations, we are still taking pledges on this website.

Tehiyah has enriched my family's life through its education of our children and its impact on our community. I am currently in my fifth year as President of Tehiyah's Board of Trustees. I have been inspired by the way our students and graduates take the Tehiyah curriculum to heart as they engage in lifelong learning (l'midah), social justice and giving to those in need (tzedakah) and making the world a better place (tikkun olam). Tehiyah's curriculum is brought to life by our students and teachers through interactive experiential learning. This year I decided to stretch my own experience and endurance by aiming to run a marathon for the first time. Until this summer, I had never run more than six miles. But, with Tehiyah's mission in mind and the community supporting me, I pushed myself to run farther and farther, culminating with the completion of the marathon. 

Please join us with a per mile pledge of any amount! 
$20 per mile = $520
$10 per mile = $260
$5 per mile = $130
$1 per mile = $26

Thank you for your support!